Storage Sync for NETGEAR Overview


Egnyte's hybrid cloud technology combines the accessibility and flexibility of cloud storage with the robust performance offered by local storage.  By automatically detecting and synchronizing changes to files that reside on local drives or in the cloud, Egnyte ensures that users have reliable and fast access to the files they need wherever they are.

Storage Sync for Netgear enables larger teams or groups to enjoy local LAN speed access to files and still obtain the benefits of the cloud. This solution combines the best of both worlds – anytime, anywhere, any-device online and offline access to files, easy file sharing with business partners, and local collaboration between teams.

Storage Sync for Netgear is an easy-to-install solution that provides all the benefits of a physical file server without the associated costs and management overhead. Storage Sync combined with Egnyte Cloud File Server is intended for SMB customers who have the following needs:

  • High speed, LAN access speeds to files
  • Concurrent access across a large number of users in one office location
  • Remote/mobile employees & collaboration between several offices

Storage Sync is a software solution that can turn any commodity, Linux-based, off‐the‐shelf NAS device into a fully functional file server.

Recommended Use-case Scenarios

Storage Sync for NETGEAR is best suited for remote offices or job-sites where there are not more than 50 active users. For optimal performance of Storage Sync software, we recommend NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices with at least 2 CPU's and 4 GB RAM. 


High Speed LAN Access to Files

Since users can map the NAS device as a drive on their desktops, they can access files at fast speeds on their office network.

Local Access Permissions

Egnyte will also synchronize all access permissions from Egnyte Cloud File Server locally into the NAS device. This allows users to access files locally with the same level of security as they would on Egnyte Cloud File Server. No additional directory service will be required to establish access security.

Work Locally, Access Globally

When users are in the office, they can access files on the NAS device. However, when users are out of the office, they can access files from the Cloud File Server. Similarly, users who work from remote locations can also access the files directly from Egnyte Cloud File Server.

Bi-directional Synchronization

Storage Sync for Netgear will also keep the data on the NAS device and the data on Egnyte Cloud File Server synchronized. Administrators can choose to setup an appropriate synchronization schedule based on their business needs. This ensures that data from the NAS device is made accessible to remote users accessing the Cloud File Server and vice versa.


Since data from the NAS device is automatically synchronized to Egnyte Cloud File Server, Egnyte Cloud File Server serves as a redundant data store in case the NAS device fails. It obviates the need for RAID configuration on the NAS device. Should the device fail, a new device can easily be purchased, and the data from Egnyte Cloud File Server can be re‐synchronized.

Installation & System Requirements

Storage Sync is easy to install and configure:

  1. Purchase any supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and connect it to your network.
  2. Download and install the application (link below).
  3. Configure Storage Sync for Netgear to determine which users and folders are synchronized to the NAS device.

Download Storage Sync for Netgear and review system requirements here.

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