How do I migrate my data to the Storage Sync?

The best way to migrate data onto the Storage Sync (VM) folders is by using rsync. rSync is available on Mac and Linux. 

If you have opted for a Data Migration Service, the Storage Sync (VM) will synchronize your data with the cloud server data and will only upload or download modified or new data. Be sure to stop the Storage Sync service when migrating your data into the ELC share. 

Note: You will need to restart your Storage Sync application right after the data copy is complete.



Example 1. Copying from a Mac or Linux folder /Volumes/Data to the ELC share. SSH is already enabled on the VM. You will need an SSH tool such as Putty to SSH into Storage Sync appliance. Please note there is no space between ":" and /egnyte 

rsync -av /Volumes/Data/ root@elc.ip.address:/egnyte/Shared or Private

Example 2. Copying data from a source ELC to another (ELC to ELC data copy)

SSH into the source ELC then cd into the source directory. The example below will copy one ELC Shared folder contents to another ELC.

cd /egnyte
rsync -arvt Shared root@target.elc.ip.address:/egnyte/


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