Egnyte will End of Support Netgear on September 30th, 2021.  For more information, please see this article:  Future of Storage Sync for Netgear



Users may receive an error message that the hostname is larger than 15 characters, even though the hostname contains 15 characters or less. 

Affected Devices

NETGEAR devices when integrated with Active Directory (AD) may experience this error.


The hostname file contains the domain name of the AD.

Example: The AD domain name is and the hostname of NETGEAR is egnyte1. The hostname file under /etc/hostname is as

The total count of characters of the hostname is more than 15 characters as it contains Domain+ Hostname.


  1. SSH (secure shell) into the NETGEAR device and edit the hostname file.
    vi /etc/hostname
  2. Edit the file to only include the NETGEAR hostname.
    Example: Instead of it should only display egnyte1.
  3. Save and exit the hostname file edit.
  4. Run the hostname script as:

The above steps will make sure the hostname remains the same.