Egnyte for iOS 6.5 (7/5/2016)

The Egnyte Mobile iOS 6.5 release presents a complete overhaul of the app.  This release includes feature enhancements to the file sharing flow and improved stability and performance of the app.

New File Sharing Flow

The file sharing flow has been modified to fit our users’ workflows.


Multi-Upload of Files

Bulk select hundreds of files on your phone and upload them all to Egnyte with one tap.


Offline Access of Files

Select hundreds of files at once on your Egnyte account and select “Mark Offline” to access them locally on your mobile phone.


Improved Preview Experience for Microsoft Office Files

Tap the Microsoft Office file and the preview renders dramatically quicker.  Utilize the new interface with a gridview for effortless browsing through the documents.


Optimized Image Preview

Preview your images with high quality.  Easily zoom in on details in your image with pinch-to-zoom.  Quickly scroll through the images as thumbnails or in grid view.  

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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