Explore a wide range of new features with the Collaborative UI. Check out each of the actions below and experience the optimized visual layout, easier collaboration, and improved user experience for key workflows.

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Upgrade to the Collaborative UI



Large Files

Upload large files (over 1GB) directly into Egnyte through the Collaborative UI without needing the Java Uploader or FTP. 

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop large files from your desktop into Egnyte through the Collaborative UI. Users also have the option to select files to upload via a file picker.




No more downloading files to view them! Click on a file to preview the document in the Collaborative UI. Users can download, share, and comment on the file directly within the preview pane. We support hundreds of different file formats including Microsoft Office documents, Google Documents, source code, images, and videos.



Use Egnyte WebEdit to quickly edit a file in its native application and automatically upload the updated version to your Egnyte account. Egnyte for Microsoft Office allows users to open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents within the Office application and automatically save them back to Egnyte.




Preview a file and read all of the relevant comments in the preview pane. You can add new comments and @mention other users in a comment to send them a notification.

Activity Stream

Quickly scan for all recent changes on your Egnyte account with the activity stream. The 10 most recent changes, including comments and file/folder events, are included. 

Private Links

Securely share files with private links that can only be accessed by someone who belongs to your Egnyte account.

Upload Links

Allow external collaborators to upload files to designated folders in your Egnyte account.


Upgrade to the Collaborative UI


Navigate to Settings --> My Profile --> My Preferences.  Under Preferences, click on the User interface drop-down and select New Look 2.0.


Navigate to Settings --> Configuration --> General. Under Allowed Web Interfaces, ensure New Look 2.0 is enabled. Select New Look 2.0 from the Default interface for new users drop-down menu. To switch all users on your account over to the Collaborative UI, click the Switch now button.