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Getting Started Guide for Security and Governance

  1. Add Content Sources

    Select the content sources that you would like to monitor. 

    What can I expect after adding a Content Source?

  2. Configure Analysis Rules

    Choose the analysis rules to run on your content sources.  


  3. Configure Content Classification

    Decide what kinds of sensitive content to detect. Leverage built-in regulatory compliance policies or define your own custom policies.


  4. Review Results

    Access control issues and sensitive content will appear as soon as they are detected. Use severity and risk scores as a guide to focus on the highest priority items first.

    Issues details
    Sensitive Content details

  5. Set Up Alerts

    Add custom alert definitions so that you are notified in real-time about new or updated issues that matter to you.


  6. Configure Content Safeguards

    Add Content Safeguards to control how files can be shared based on file sensitivity, risk score, and/or location and reduce data loss risk.


  7. Configure Content Lifecycle Policies

    Add retention, archive, and deletion policies to automatically manage your content to meet regulatory and contract requirements, as well as reduce cost and risk.




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