Desktop Sync 8.5.1

Version 8.5.1 of Desktop Sync for Windows and Mac includes a number of key enhancements: the ability to easily monitor and stop/resume synchronization; simplified mass deployments in organizations using SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication.  Click here to download the latest version of Desktop Sync.

Stop and Resume Sync

While a sync is in progress, users will see a “Stop Sync” option in the Desktop Sync context menu. When a sync is stopped, any files that have finished synchronizing will remain up to date and partial updates to files will be discarded. The remaining changes are synchronized when the user chooses to resume sync or restarts Desktop Sync.

Improved Sync Progress Indication

When viewing the progress of a sync, the percentage indicator is now based on the number of bytes synchronized rather than the number of files. This ensure that users have a more accurate view of progress, especially when synchronizing large files.

Command-line Parameter for SSO

Administrators can now use a new command-line parameter called USE_SSO that is included for mass deployment environments. If the USE_SSO command-line parameter is set to ‘1’ (USE_SSO=1) and the SUBDOMAIN parameter is also specified, users will automatically be shown the Single Sign-On page whenever they are prompted to login. This obviates the need for users  to select the “Other login options” link and specify the domain in order to log in.  The new parameter is supported on Windows and Mac.

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