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Time to Upgrade your NETGEAR 4

Egnyte ended support for Storage Sync on NETGEAR RAIDiator platforms on September 30, 2016.  Any support assistance now requires an upgrade to a supported NETGEAR OS 6 platformOne of the primary reasons for this business decision is the risk in supporting production-grade software on an End-of-Life NETGEAR device. In order to avoid any unforeseen service interruptions that can occur on an unsupported firmware, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your NAS device now. Egnyte maintains a strong partnership with NETGEAR.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

How Do I Upgrade?

1. Buy a supported Netgear 6 device from vendors such as the ones below:

2. Migrate your data to the new device!  You can also watch a quick video of the migration process below.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Faster and more robust system components
  • New Remote Management capabilities with NETGEAR ReadyCloud
  • Faster Storage synchronization
  • Email alerts for sync failures, NAS issues, and more
  • Faster browsing while accessing the NAS from desktop clients

What does End of Support Mean?

In summary:

  • NETGEAR no longer supports bug fixes, security patches, or other enhancements on these products and they are very likely to be out-of-warranty
  • Egnyte will not disrupt Storage Sync services on the NETGEAR OS 4 platform.  However, any assistance by support will first require an upgrade to a supported NETGEAR OS 6 platform
  • The last supported version for the NETGEAR OS 4 platform is Storage Sync 10.2.2 release.


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