Egnyte Drive 1.5.1 (for Mac)

The latest version of Egnyte Drive for Mac allows customers to easily deploy and configure Egnyte Drive across an organization, automatically refreshes Finder to show latest updates in the cloud, and adds a new shortcut to quickly access mounted and unmounted drives.

Egnyte Drive 1.5.1 for MAC Installer

Large Deployment Rollout

Customers now can deploy Egnyte Drive software to thousands of users with one installation!  Administrators can set up a large scale deployment that pushes the software to a group of end users with the appropriate configurations.  For more information, please refer to the corresponding HelpDesk article.

Real-Time Folder Updates

As users are browsing with Egnyte Drive, folders automatically update in Finder to reflect changes almost instantly in the cloud.  No manual Finder window refresh required!

Shortcut for Mounted and Unmounted Drives

Quickly view and access mounted and unmounted drives on your desktop computer from the Settings dropdown in the Menu bar.


Other New Features

Upload Indicator

A visual spinner appears on the Egnyte Drive icon in the Menu bar when folder or file uploads are in progress.


Folder for Cancelled Uploads

During a file upload, the server might reject the request due to issues such as loss of permissions to the upload folder or lack of internet connection.  Any file uploads that fail now trigger a pop up window that alerts the user about the issue and has two options to proceed.  A user can now choose to cancel the upload and move the file to a folder on the Desktop entitled Canceled Uploads.  Otherwise, the option to retry uploading the file is also available.


Egnyte Drive Folders Show Last Modified Time

While working out of Finder, all folders will now display their last modified time, regardless of who last modified a file within the folder.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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