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Synology to NETGEAR Migration Guide

This guide will help you migrate data from a Synology device to NETGEAR ReadyNAS OS 6. This guide has four sections:

  • Prepare NETGEAR ReadyNAS device for migration
  • Migrate data from Synology to ReadyNAS
  • Setup users on ReadyNAS
  • Install Egnyte

Preparing NETGEAR ReadyNAS for migration

Access the ReadyNAS Admin Page

Navigate to Shares

Click New Folder. Create share name as ELC and click Create

Migrate Data from Synology to ReadyNAS

There are two ways to copy data from the Synology device to NETGEAR. You can choose either of these approaches.

Transfer files using RSync

  1. SSH into the Synology device and run the command below

rsync –arvt /volumename/ELC/Shared/ root@<targetip>/egnyte/ELC/Shared/

<targetip> is the IP address of the ReadyNAS device

  1. Copy the Private folder from Synology to ReadyNAS

rsync –arvt /volumename/ELC/Private/ root@<targetip>/egnyte/ELC/Private/

<targetip> is the IP address of the ReadyNAS device

Transfer files using Third-Party tools

Applications such as SyncBack Pro or Carbon Copy Cloner can also be used to migrate data.

  1. Install the application on a Windows/Mac client machine.
  2. On the client machine, map a network drive to the ELC share on the Synology device (say X:)
  3. On the same client machine, map another drive to the ELC share on the NETGEAR ReadyNAS device (say Y:)
  4. Run the third-party tool to copy data from Synology device (X:) to ReadyNAS (Y:)

Setup Users on ReadyNAS

  1. On the NETGEAR device, Navigate to Accounts
  2. Click Authentication
  3. If using Active Directory, switch Access Type from Local Users to Active Directory

Re-run Data Migration (optional)

If users were actively accessing the ELC share on Synology device when data migration was in progress, repeat the steps in the "Transferring Files" section in order to capture the latest changes to files on Synology.

Install Egnyte

  1. Install the latest version of Egnyte from Apps > Available Apps
  2. Click Installed Apps and Launch the Egnyte Storage Sync for NETGEAR
  3. Configure Egnyte Storage Sync app for your domain
  4. Ensure that selected folders for sync matches with those configured for Synology.
  5. Complete Synchronizing the selected folders between ReadyNAS and cloud.
  6. Test and ensure that ELC share is accessible on ReadyNAS.
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