Web UI: Refreshed Preview Layout and More!

This weekend’s release features the ability to disable conflict notification emails, a refreshed preview layout for the new Collaborative UI and improvements for sorting lists of groups.

Ability to Disable Conflict Notifications

Egnyte detects situations wherein a user modifies an outdated version of a file that conflicts with its latest version.  When a conflict is detected, the users involved are notified by email and the conflicting file is automatically renamed to indicate that it’s in conflict. Conflict notifications are a simple way to keep track of version conflicts when multiple users are collaborating on the same file.  If you prefer that your users do not receive system generated emails, we now have the ability to disable conflict notifications for your account.  For more information about Conflict Notifications, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.



Refreshed Preview Layout for the Collaborative UI

Preview your files and images on a fullscreen modal window with an enhanced visual layout.  For more information on the Collaborative UI, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.


Other New Features

  • Does your account have a large number of groups? The User permissions report now sorts the groups alphabetically so it is easy to find the group you are looking for.
  • The User settings flow in the UI Integration Framework User has been modified.  Users will now see the setting page open in a new browser window while configuring an Egnyte App such as Docusign.  For more information on the UI Integration Framework, please login to your Egnyte developer account and refer to this documentation on the Developer Portal.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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