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Steadfast Egnyte and NETGEAR Partnership

NETGEAR has been our partner from the early days when Egnyte had just developed its hybrid solution.  NETGEAR was the first NAS hardware platform that supported Storage Sync. In the later years, we committed a lot of resources, budget and time into integrating with other NAS vendors, as we realized that we needed solid partnerships on multiple fronts in order to deliver a world-class integrated solutions on these platforms.

NETGEAR has been very closely aligned with Egnyte and works lockstep with us on several important fronts: product release cycle, product support collaboration, business and marketing team collaboration. All these teams work closely with each other to ensure a high-quality enterprise-grade solution. In addition to all of this, it greatly helps that we are co-located since NETGEAR is just a few miles away from Egnyte. All these factors augur towards a solid and sustained partnership with NETGEAR.

Egnyte will stay committed to the NETGEAR solution and we will deliver all our hybrid features and enhancements on this platform on par with our VMware solution. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.

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