Monthly Usage Email and More!

This weekend’s release features a monthly usage email for account administrators, tracking for views of public links, and the ability to choose how many items to display per page on the Collaborative Web UI.

Monthly Usage Email

Administrators can easily keep track of their account usage with new monthly emails.  The emails, automatically sent to all administrators on an account, will include information about shared links, active users, active devices, and data storage.  This new feature is still being rolled out so not all accounts will have the monthly usage email at this time.

Link Tracking for Users

There is now a way to view who has accessed a public link!  When an Egnyte user visits a public link while logged into their Egnyte account, the user’s details will be recorded.  If the viewer does not have an Egnyte account, the access event will be recorded without a name. Administrators can view all users who have accessed the public link in the file audit report and file download history.  End users can view who has accessed public links that they created in the “Details” view of the “My Links” section of their account.


Updates to the Web UI

Egnyte continues to add features to the new Collaborative UI to optimize visual layout, facilitate easier collaboration, and improve the user experience for key workflows.  For more information on the Collaborative UI, refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Choose How Many Items to Display per Page

Further customize how you view files and folders! In addition to choosing between list, condensed, and thumbnail view, users can now set how many items are displayed per page in increments between 16 and 1000. Specify the desired number or select “Other” to choose a custom number from a dropdown menu in Preferences.  This feature has been added to all versions of the Web UI!

Other New Features

  • Ransomware token revocation is now included in the login audit report.  When a device is deactivated due to a suspected ransomware infection, the OAuth token invalidation event will be logged.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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