End of support for Storage Sync 8.x and 9.x for VMware

Storage Sync 8.x and 9.x are no longer supported as of 5/30/2016. This means that any support requests now require an upgrade of the software prior to any troubleshooting or configuration change. 


How to Upgrade to Version 10

The upgrade only takes 10 minutes!


Key Benefits Include:

Priority-based Sync: Set preference on syncing your business-critical files. If Word files are more important for your business than PDF files, you can set a higher priority for such files. You can also exclude certain files from getting synced to the cloud. 

Super-fast Sync: Experience 200X performance boost for file-syncs especially for large folder rename and delete operations.

Centralized Device Management and Email Alerts: You can now centrally monitor your Storage Sync devices from the cloud. You will also receive email alerts if the Storage Sync system experiences failures

Learn more about all the latest features.

If you require any assistance upgrading your version, please contact us.


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