Egnyte Drive 1.3 for Windows

The latest version (1.3) of Egnyte Drive for Windows notifies you when you access a file that has been locked by another user. This enhancement improves collaboration and ensures that your users are proactively notified before trying to modify a locked file.

When you select a file in Egnyte Drive, you will now see a notification in the system tray if that file has been locked by another user.

Upon opening a locked file, you’ll see a pop up notification with three options: you can open a read only copy of the file, create a local copy and merge the changes yourself later, or request to be notified once the file is no longer locked.

If you opt to be notified when a file is available, you’ll see a similar notification as soon as the file is no longer locked.

Click the “Read-Write” option to open and begin editing the file.


  • Egnyte Drive now shows the last modified time for folders

  • The network path name defaults to “//EgnyteDrive”, except for cases where multiple users are logged in on the same machine
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