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Cross-Domain Search

In this weekend’s release, we rolled out the ability to search across accounts that are linked by Multi-Entity Management and made our password strength calculations more secure.

Cross-Domain Search

When searching in our new Collaborative Web UI, you will now be able to search across all Egnyte domains that you have linked through Multi-Entity Management. Once the search results for your current domain are returned, Egnyte will search against any other linked accounts and show a result count for each.

If you click on a domain from here, you will be switched into it and taken directly to the search results screen.

Improved Password Strength Calculation

To align with security best practices, we now penalize common terms (e.g. password, admin, football, etc.) and diagonal patterns (e.g. 1qaz, 2wsx, zse4, etc.) when calculating password strength. You’ll notice that passwords like this are now flagged as “Very Weak” or “Weak” in the password dialog.

With this change, you can prevent users from choosing weak passwords like “admin123” by setting the minimum password strength for your account to “Good” or “Strong”.

Note that the default password strength for new Egnyte domains is now “Good” instead of “Any”. This can be changed in your account’s settings (Configuration → Security & Authentication).

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Egnyte Community

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