Egnyte Drive 1.2 for Windows

The latest release of Egnyte Drive 1.2 for Windows lets you configure multiple drives to connect to different folders within the same account, supports remote deployment and configuration, and includes an option to disable update notifications.

You can find the latest version of Egnyte Drive for Windows here

Configure Multiple Drives

You can now configure multiple drives to different folder paths within the same account. For example, you can map “/Shared/Finance” to your F drive, “/Shared/Marketing” to your M drive, and so on.

This enhancement effectively lets you create shortcuts to different parts of your account, just as you can do with a traditional file system.

Remote Deployment and Configuration

You can now remotely deploy and configure Egnyte Drive for Windows. This is a great option if you want to preconfigure Egnyte Drive for your users at a broad scale or set it up for users in a remote office that does not have IT support.

Disable Update Notifications

You will now have the option to disable update notifications when installing Egnyte Drive for Windows. If you disable this, you will not see pop up notifications when a new version of Egnyte Drive is available.


  • When mapping a drive to a subfolder, the folder path you specify no longer needs to be case-sensitive.
  • Some users had trouble installing Egnyte Drive when there were accented letters in the path; this has been addressed.
  • We fixed an issue where users who had been given the ability to create and delete top level folders through role based administration were unable to delete top level folders.


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