Egnyte for Windows 1.8

With the new version (1.8) of Egnyte’s mobile app for Windows, Egnyte is now available as a document provider for users on Windows 10. This enhancement ensures that you can stay productive on the go and work on content from your favorite applications. For example, you can now use Microsoft’s mobile suite to edit your documents, add files as attachments to an email, and much more.

Using Egnyte within the Microsoft Office Apps

You can now access and edit your Egnyte files directly from Microsoft’s mobile suite. Any changes made will be saved back to Egnyte, all without ever needing to leave the Microsoft Office apps.

To get started, open one of the Microsoft Office mobile apps (e.g. Word Mobile) and select the “Browse” option in the bottom left of your screen.

Next, choose Egnyte from the tree panel on the left — once this is done, you’ll be able to browse through your Egnyte account.

Pick a Microsoft Office file to edit, make your changes, and save the file. Any updates you made will be automatically saved back to your Egnyte account.

Note that Egnyte is specifically available as a document provider when you are using Microsoft’s mobile suite. You will not be able to access Egnyte in this fashion from the desktop version of Office apps (e.g. Office 2013). Instead, we recommend using Egnyte’s Office add-in in these cases.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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