Try Our New Collaborative UI!

Posted on 2/24/2016

In this weekend’s release, we made our new collaborative Web UI available to most customers as an option, rolled out several improvements for it, and added support for deep linking to the mobile apps.

Try Out the New Collaborative UI

The new collaborative Web UI we started rolling out a few months ago is now available as an option to most customers through the account settings. The new collaborative UI provides a substantially improved user experience, so we will slowly be moving customers over. In the coming months, the collaborative UI will eventually be the only interface available to customers.

For now, you can enable the new collaborative UI as the default interface for all new users through the account settings (Configuration → General) via an interface dropdown.

Optionally, you can also switch all users in your account onto the UI you have set as the “default interface for new users”.

Once you’re ready to make the transition, select the “Switch now” option to move all of your users onto the collaborative UI with one click.

Customers using our Google Apps integration will be able to move to the collaborative UI once support for the integration is supported in the coming months.

Enhancements to the New UI

We also made several improvements to the new collaborative Web UI we started rolling out a few months ago. Note that the new Web UI is now generally available to all customers. To switch to the new UI, follow the instructions detailed above.

You can find a summary of the changes below; refer to this article for more details on the features included in the new Web UI.

  • You can now choose the Condensed View as an option in the UI, which provides a slimmer view so that more files fit on your screen.

  • We warn you of any potential issues beforehand when moving or copying items.
  • You can upload files or folders by dragging or dropping anywhere in the whole window. Dropping a file or folder anywhere on the page will upload into the current folder, unless you are specifically targeting another folder (e.g. a folder in the tree, a subfolder in the center pane).
  • You can use bigger images for your profile picture (even large images like 8,000 x 8,000 px can be used).
  • We made various performance improvements for folder listing.
  • We optimized the layout and alignment of the UI for cases where the window is zoomed to a different size (e.g. 110%, 120%, etc).
  • Users on Internet Explorer 9 will notice some layout and styling improvements.

Deep Linking to the Mobile App

We use deep links in various places in Egnyte to make it quicker for users to access their content. Deep links are links that take you directly to a file or folder in your account, assuming you have permission to that content.

If you try to access a deep link to a file or folder from an iOS or Android device, you will now see a dialog on the login screen that prompts you to open or download the mobile app.

You will primarily notice this new behavior when clicking two types of links:

  • User-generated deep links to files or folders (e.g. those that are created from the Details & History dialog for files)
  • Links in system emails like shared folder notifications, alerts on @mentions for comments, and receipts for upload links
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