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Desktop App (Egnyte Drive) for Windows update notifications

The Egnyte Connect Desktop App will notify users, by default, when there is a new version available along with the new features and fixes.

In some enterprise environments, admins may want to disable the update notification and control the timing of the update using mass configuration and deployment tools.

As of version 1.2 of Egnyte Drive, there is a command line installation option to control update notifications.

 Install flag  Values
 ED_AUTOUPDATE_DISABLED  Defines if auto update notification should be enabled or disabled
 Value: 0 or 1
 Default: 0


To disable update notification, install Egnyte Drive from the command line:


To enable update notification, install Egnyte Drive from the command line:

  • Run msiexec /i ED_AUTOUPDATE_DISABLED=0

The ability to enable or disable update notification for your account will be moved to Web setting (similar to Desktop Sync) in a future release.

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