Reporting for Role-based Administration

Posted on 1/18/2016

In this weekend’s release, we enhanced the power user roles feature to allow delegation of reporting, rewrote the flow used to connect with other apps, and made more improvements to our new Web UI.

Reporting for Role-based Administration

You can now grant power users the ability to run reports via the Role-based administration feature. This makes Egnyte’s role-based administration even more powerful and allows you to empower users to run reports without giving them admin credentials to your account.

To find this option, navigate to your account’s settings and go to User Types & Roles → Roles.

When you select this option, you can choose to let users run reports on all files and folders in the account or only the files and folders they have access to.

For the time being, power users with reporting privileges will not be able to:

  • Delete links from the Link Summary Report.
  • Unlock files from the Lock Summary Report.
  • Search for all users in the audit reports. They can only search for users they have invited or all users of types they are allowed to manage (e.g. Standard Users).

Note that we plan on removing these restrictions shortly.

New Flow for Connecting to Other Apps

We rewrote the flow used when allowing other apps to connect to Egnyte. Now, this flow matches the style of our login page, includes any custom branding you’ve set, and supports authentication methods like SSO and TFA.

Improvements to the new UI:

We also made several improvements to the new Web UI we started rolling out a couple months ago. Note that the new Web UI is currently only available to prospective customers who are evaluating Egnyte on a trial.

Existing customers who are interested in the new UI and do not want to wait for its broader rollout can contact us at for more details.

You can find a summary of the changes below; refer to this article for more details on the features included in the new Web UI.

  • The folder tree is now blazingly fast, even when opening a folder with thousands of sub-folders.
  • You can now set your current folder as the “home view” from the More menu.

  • You now have the option to retain the original permissions when restoring all or a set of items from Trash.
  • Similarly, when moving or copying a folder, you will see an option to  keep the source permissions or inherit those of the destination folder.
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