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Mac Desktop Sync 8.4.x - Unable to Launch Preferences Page (8806)

Issue: When installing or upgrading Desktop Sync to version 8.4.x, the Desktop Sync settings page at will fail to launch.

Mac console log error:  Cherrypy server is not yet started

Affected Mac OS versions:
10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan)

Per our investigation, we determined that Desktop Sync is not the root cause of this issue, but rather with 3rd party applications that may have originally created the ~/Library/LaunchAgents folder without sufficient user or group permissions.

This error will not take place if Desktop Sync 8.4.x were to be installed, and is the first application to create the LaunchAgents folder. 

Previous versions of Desktop Sync is unaffected by this issue, because we did not require the use of the LaunchAgents folder prior to version 8.4.x.


1. Open Finder.

2. Click [Go to Folder] and enter [~/Library] as the path.

3. Right click on the [LaunchAgents] folder within Finder and select [Get Info] -- a popup window will be displayed for the [LaunchAgents] folder.

4. Expand the [Sharing & Permissions] section and click the lock-icon located on the lower right hand section of the popup window to unlock the settings. You will need to authenticate using local system administrator credentials in order to apply changes.

5. Select either the [staff] group or the local end user's account to modify the [Privilege] value to [Read & Write] from [Read Only].

6. Click the lock-icon again to lock the settings.

NOTE: Please skip steps 7-8 if Desktop Sync 8.4.x has not yet been installed.

7. If Desktop Sync 8.4.x has already been installed, please click the Desktop Sync icon located on the top menu, and select [Quit].

Please allow 2-3 minutes for the Desktop Sync services to stop.

8. From Spotlight Search or Launchpad, search for "Egnyte Desktop Sync" and launch the application.

You may also open [Finder] and launch [Desktop Sync] via the [Applications Folder].

9. To confirm the workaround, click the Desktop Sync icon from the upper right hand menu, and select [Preferences] or you may access the [Preferences] page via

Please contact us if you are still unable to access the (8806) settings page after performing the workaround.

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