Storage Sync 10.2.7

Posted on 1/27/2016

The new version of Egnyte’s Storage Sync (10.2.7) packs several new features, including substantially faster mapping for users and groups, file conflict notifications, and email alerts when files are skipped during a sync.

Improved User and Group Mapping

Storage Sync performs user-to-group mappings to ensure that users and groups are mapped according to what you have set in the cloud and aligns with your Active Directory. Previously, these user-to-group mappings were time consuming at scale and affected sync performance.

We have re-architected the process of user-to-group mappings in version 10.2.7 of Storage Sync, resulting in a performance improvement of 10x. The impact of this change is faster sync speeds for customers — customers who are using Active Directory and have large numbers of users and groups will benefit the most from faster sync speeds.

File Conflict Notifications

Storage Sync now detects file conflicts and proactively notifies you. If you try to update an outdated version of a file, Storage Sync will create a new file with your changes in the same folder and notify you about the version conflict.

Email Notifications on File Skips

Version 10.2.7 of Storage Sync now also alerts admins when files have been skipped during sync. This email alert is sent once a day if a file skip is detected during any sync operation that runs within that 24 hour timeframe.

Improved Browsing Speed for Windows Clients

As part of the 10.2.7 release, we made optimizations that have enhanced the browsing speed in CIFS shares by 5x. The improved performance will be most apparent when browsing large folders that contain several thousands of files and sub-folders.

While these improvements will primarily impact Windows users, we have planned similar optimizations for Mac users in an upcoming release.

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