Egnyte for Android 6.8

Posted on 1/4/2016

The newest version of Egnyte’s mobile app for Android (6.8) now features an activity stream that captures recent changes (e.g. comments, file/folder events) that have taken place in your folders. The activity stream is also available in our new Web UI and is a great way to keep track of updates made to files and folders you have access to.

Activity Stream

The activity stream displays recent changes in the folder you are currently viewing. For example, when you open “Shared/Customers/Fishnet Gaming,” you will see updates for the “Fishnet Gaming“ folder and any subfolders it contains.

To access the Activity Stream, just click “Activity” from the bottom menu bar.

This will bring up a stream that includes:

  • File and folder events like adding files and folders, comments, moving/copying, renaming, deleting, and more
  • Initials of the user who made the change
  • A relative time (e.g. “6 days ago”); the exact date and time can be viewed via the menu icon
  • Thumbnails for images
  • Links to mentioned folders
  • Links to a preview of any mentioned file

You will see a menu icon to the right of each update. Click this icon for options to get more details on the file, preview it, or jump to the specific subfolder where it lives.

Thumbnail Support for Video and Photoshop Files

The new version of the Egnyte app for Android also includes thumbnail support for video and photoshop files.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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