Group Provisioning Audit Report and Enhanced Comments

Posted on 11/23/2015

In this weekend’s release, we introduced a new audit report for monitoring changes to groups, enhanced comments, and also made several improvements to new Web UI.

Group Provisioning Audit Report

The group provisioning audit report enables administrators to monitor the history of group creation, updates, and deletion. This is a good option if you want to see who created or deleted a specific group or generally track any changes in a group’s membership.

It is available along with the other Audit Reports in the Reports section of the account.

Note that Audit Reports are available as part of the Advanced Security Package. The Advanced Security Package can be added as an optional bundle for Office customers and is included by default for Business and Enterprise customers.

The group provisioning report tracks details like:

  • group creation or deletion
  • changes in group membership (e.g. a user is added or removed from the group)
  • renames of the group

Enhanced Comments

Any time you @mention another user in a comment, that user will now automatically get an email notification which includes the comment and a link to directly view the file in the Web UI. This change makes it easier than ever to collaborate on your content with other users in Egnyte.

Note that the ability to @mention another user in a comment is currently available only in the new UI and the mobile app for Android.

Improvements to the New Web UI

We also made several improvements to the new Web UI we started rolling out a few weeks ago. Note that the new Web UI is currently only available to prospective customers who are evaluating Egnyte in a trial.

Existing customers who are interested in the new UI and do not want to wait for its broader rollout can contact us at for more details.

You can find a summary of the changes below; refer to this article for more details on the features included in the new Web UI.

  • The Office Online integration is now available.
  • You can add a description for a folder.
  • You can get a direct link to view a folder in the UI (this is an easy way to reference a folder when you’re collaborating with users who already have permissions to it).
  • Users on Internet Explorer 10/11 will see the new PDF viewer we rolled out last month to our older UI.
  • You can restore an older version of a file as the current version.
  • By default, any subfolders will also be downloaded when you download a folder.
  • The Web UI now remembers whether you want to have the comments panel visible when you preview a file.
  • Search now shows a maximum of 20 results per page.


  • When you click a google doc in the web UI, we will now try to open it in google docs rather than previewing the file first.
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