Upgraded Video Player and Improvements to New UI

In this weekend’s release, we upgraded our video player and also made more improvements to the new Web UI.

Upgraded Video Player

We upgraded the video player in our Web UI to allow greater compatibility with mp4 files. The end result is a smoother experience for users when previewing mp4 files in the UI.

Note that video preview is no longer available in the Web UI while on Internet Explorer 8. Users on Internet Explorer 8 should upgrade to a newer version (9, 10, or 11).

Improvements to the New UI

We also made several improvements to the new Web UI we started rolling out last month. Note that the new Web UI is currently only available to prospective customers who are evaluating Egnyte on a trial.

Existing customers who are interested in the new UI and do not want to wait for its broader rollout can contact us at support@egnyte.com for more details.

You can find a summary of the changes below; refer to this article for more details on the features included in the new Web UI.

  • A file’s download history is included as a separate tab in the versions dialog.

  • Photoshop files are converted into images for preview instead of PDF files for a better preview experience.
  • The folder options dialog includes metadata about that folder (e.g. your permission level, the number of items it contains, and its description).
  • Your time zone will automatically be detected if you have not set it yet in the My Profile section of your account.
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