Getting Started Guide for Egnyte Connect

  1. Configure your brand settings

    Select your custom server label, upload your logo, and select theme colors to make Egnyte match your company’s branding.

    Read: How to configure custom branding
    Watch: Branding your domain (00:53)

  2. Upload and migrate your data

    Migrate all of your data into Egnyte using the Cloud Migration Manager, the Web UI, Egnyte Connect Desktop App or FTP. Egnyte’s Deployment Services can also assist with data migration.

    Read: An Admins Guide to Choosing a Migration Path
    Watch: Creating a data Migration Strategy (00:53)

  3. Import your users and groups

    Add all of your users and groups by importing a CSV file, syncing from Active Directory, or manually creating them.

    Read: Users and Groups Overview
    Watch: Understanding User Types and Roles (9:49)

  4. Setup sharing rules

    Setup folder permissions and decide how users can share data. Choose between Owner, Full, Editor, Viewer, or no permissions when giving users access to folders within the Shared directory.

    Read: Sharing with Folder Permissions
    Watch: Setting Sharing Options for Users (1:18)

  5. Configure desktop and mobile access

    Allow users to access Egnyte from their laptops using Egnyte Connect Desktop App and from their mobile devices using Egnyte for Mobile.

    Read: Mobile Admin Guide
    Read: Egnyte Connect Desktop App Overview

  1. Upload and share a file

    Upload your first file to Egnyte through the Web UI and generate a link whose URL can be emailed directly from Egnyte or copied to easily share the file.

    Read: How to Share Files
    Watch: Sharing Files and Folders using Links (3:43)

  2. Collaborate with your colleagues

    Easily share files with your colleagues, request files from anyone inside or outside your organization, comment, assign tasks and more.

    Read: Request files from others
    Watch: Granting Access via Folder Permissions using Links (2:56)

  3. Connect from your desktop

    Access and sync Egnyte files from your computer’s native file browser using the Egnyte Connect Desktop App.

    Read: Learn which Egnyte desktop client you should use
    Watch: Using the Egnyte Connect Desktop App (3:02)

  4. Use the mobile app

    Egnyte travels with you! Download our mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.

    Read: Egnyte Mobile Overview
    Watch: Using Egnyte from your iOS Mobile Device (3:53)

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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