Check Out the User Provisioning Audit Report!

Posted on 11/3/2015

In this weekend’s release, we introduced a new audit report focused on user provisioning and made several improvements to our new web UI.

User Provisioning Audit Report

The new user provisioning audit report enables administrators to monitor the creation, update, and deletion of users. It’s a good option if you want to see who created or deleted a specific user or generally track any updates to your users’ personal details.

It is available along with the other Audit Reports in the Reports section of the account.

Note that Audit Reports are not available to all customers by default; they are included as part of the Advanced Security Package. Please contact your Egnyte account manager or reach out to us here if you are interested in adding this package. 

The user provisioning report tracks details like:

  • user creation or deletion
  • updates to existing users (e.g. changes to their name or email address)
  • password changes or resets

Improvements to the New Web UI

We also made several improvements to the new web UI we started rolling out a couple weeks ago. Note that the new Web UI is currently only available to prospective customers who are evaluating Egnyte in a trial.

Existing customers who are interested in the new UI and do not want to wait for its broader rollout can contact us at for more details.

You can find a summary of the changes below; refer to this article for more details on the features included in the new web UI.

  • If a user has set a profile picture, it will be shown when you drill into that user’s view from the Users and Groups section of the account.
  • New files and folders are highlighted for a few seconds after they are created or uploaded.
  • You can now bookmark NAV folders (i.e. folders where you only have access to some subfolders).
  • Any search filters (e.g. looking only in your current folder) you have applied will be remembered while your session remains active.
  • When typing a comment in the new UI, you can press Ctrl-Enter on your keyboard (for both PCs and Macs) to submit that comment.

If you have set a custom branding color for your account, the status box shown when uploading files will use that color for its header.

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