There were many changes to the UI from 1.0 to 2.0. Most notably, users can expect an optimized visual layout, easier collaboration, and improved user experience for key workflows like upload status and setting folder permissions.

Optimized Visual Layout

  • Files and folders are organized in a table (with separate columns for item name, last modified date, most recent file author, and size), making it easier to scan data quickly. See #1 in the screenshot below.
  • The folder tree panel includes your personal bookmarks and trash in addition to the folders you have access to in Egnyte. See #2 in the screenshot below.
  • The UI leverages the full width of the screen, optimizing the layout for all screens from iPads to high-resolution displays.
  • Navigation options have been consolidated in the tree panel and the top bar of the UI (the bottom bar of the UI has been removed).

Easier Collaboration

  • You can set your profile picture which will appear at the top bar of the UI, in the activity stream, the permissions dialog, the preview panel for comments, and more.
  • The right panel of the UI features an "activity stream," which captures any recent changes (e.g., comments, file/folder events) that have taken place in your current folder. This is one of the major features in Web UI 2.0.
  • Comments are displayed in a panel on the right when previewing a file. You can add new comments from here while viewing the file.
    • You can @mention other users in a comment, and they will be notified via an email alert and the notification icon at the top right of the UI.

Improved User Experience for Key Workflows

  • You will see an upload status box at the bottom of the screen once you've started an upload. The box will remain even if you switch folders while an upload is in progress, making upload management considerably easier.
  • We've improved the experience of setting folder permissions:
    • When adding a user to a folder, you will also set their permission level in a single step.
    • Any changes you make in the permissions dialog are automatically saved.
    • Profile pictures for users are shown.
    • Standard Users are tagged as "Non-Employees."
  • The upload links dialog has been updated to match the styling of our share links. We also added upload links as an option in the "Share" menu to make them more discoverable.
  • When moving or copying files or folders, you can now create a new folder as the destination from within the move/copy dialog itself. This was commonly requested by many customers and prospects.


How to Upgrade to Collaborative UI


Navigate to "Settings" --> "My Profile" --> "My Preferences".  Under "Preferences," click on the User interface dropdown and select New Look 2.0.


Navigate to "Settings" --> "Configuration" --> "General".  Under "Allowed Web Interfaces," ensure New Look 2.0 is enabled. Select New Look 2.0 from the "Default interface for new users" drop-down menu. To switch all users on your account over to the Collaborative UI, click the Switch now button.


Features not Available in the Collaborative UI

The following features from earlier versions of the Egnyte web interface are not included as part of New Look 2.0:

  • Sending attachments: Files can no longer be sent as attachments.  Alternatively, you can use file links or download files and then send them with your email client.
  • Java-based folder upload: The majority of browsers have dropped support for Java
  • Option to download files on click: All files open preview to minimize the amount of data downloaded to end-user computers