New PDF Viewer for IE and Setting for Folder Moves/Copies

Posted on 10/5/2015

In this weekend’s release, we rolled out a new PDF viewer in the Web UI for users on Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Administrators will also see a new option that allows them to specify a default behavior for permissions when moving or copying a folder.

New PDF Viewer for Internet Explorer 10 and 11

Versions 10 and 11 of Internet Explorer (IE) require users to have the Adobe Acrobat plugin installed to view PDFs. To make PDF viewing simpler for our users, we have changed the way the Web UI renders PDFs in IE.

Note that other browsers are not affected by this change.

As a result, IE users will no longer need to install Adobe Acrobat to view PDFs on Egnyte. With this change, they will have a more seamless experience when previewing PDFs, files that are converted into PDFs (e.g. Office files), and Google Docs.

The new previewer is available on IE in the full UI and the file link page; we will add support for the folder link page in a later release.

Set Default Permissions Behavior for Folder Moves/Copies

Earlier this year, we introduced an option to retain a folder’s original permissions when moving or copying it in the Web UI. In this weekend’s release, we added a new option in account settings (see Configuration → Security & Authentication → General) called “Keep permissions on folder move & copy.”

This new option allows admins to specify the default behavior with permissions when moving or copying folders using any Egnyte client or application (e.g. Desktop Sync, Storage Sync, mobile apps, etc). If this option is enabled, source permissions will be retained on folder move and copy operations; otherwise, the destination folder’s permissions will be inherited.

In the Web UI, this option determines what default value is set in the dropdown in the move/copy dialog. Note that only admins will be able to change the value of this dropdown in the move/copy dialog.

Misc. Improvements

  • The Web UI now allows non-admin users to choose whether to retain source permissions or inherit those of the destination folder for copy operations
  • The option to copy a shared link in the Web UI is now called “Get Link”
  • Password protected shared links now have a maximum password length of 72 characters
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