Many Egnyte customers use Jive to improve the way they connect, communicate, and work together. Egnyte now extends the power of Jive's social business platform by giving users the ability to access, share, and work with Egnyte files right within Jive. Users can easily embed links to Egnyte content in Jive's comment and discussion fields. The combined power of Egnyte and Jive allows people to collaborate whenever and wherever they choose. 



Jive's "!App" allows users to easily embed links to Egnyte files and folders into content located within Jive "Places." To attach a document to a discussion, simply type an exclamation point in the body of the text, or click on the "!App" link in the lower right-hand corner of the lower text box. Select "Egnyte for Jive" and then choose the file or folder that you would like to link to your document.

After you click "OK," a link to your selected file or folder will appear in the body of your Discussion.

How to Install the Egnyte for Jive Integration

Click here for a step-by-step installation guide.