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Egnyte App for iPhone and iPad (6.2)

iPad users, rejoice! The latest version of Egnyte’s mobile app for iOS (6.2) has been optimized for use on iPads.

iPad users can now benefit from the new design and usability improvements we made in the 6.0 refresh of our mobile apps, including:

  • Centralized access to offline content
  • A new approach to file and folder actions
  • Dynamic monitoring of live uploads and downloads

New features in the 6.2 version include orientation support when previewing a file, gallery view, and the ability to upload directly into Egnyte from the Photos app.

Note that iPad users will need to switch to our universal iOS app to enjoy this new functionality. We strongly recommend that you move to the latest version of the iOS app if you have upgraded to iOS 9. The latest version of our iOS app is available for download here.  

Orientation Support

The new iPhone and iPad app has orientation support for file preview. Now iPad users can switch between landscape and portrait for the entire app.

Gallery View

Great news — Egnyte’s Gallery view feature is now available on in the new iOS app! Gallery view is a quick way to review a collection of images stored in a folder.

You can tap on a file in gallery view to jump into a preview of it. Alternately, hit select and choose a photo to bring up the file action menu.

Upload Directly into Egnyte from Photos App

You can now upload directly into Egnyte from the Photos App. To set this up, first select a photo, tap the open-in icon, and click the “More” option in the third row.

You’ll see a menu with a number of options. Select “Upload to Egnyte,” and tap “Done”.

Afterwards, you will see an icon to “Upload to Egnyte”. You can now use this any time you want to upload to Egnyte directly from the Photos App.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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