Visual Changes in the Web UI and More

Posted on 8/24/2015

In this weekend’s release, we made several visual improvements to the Web UI, added a shortcut into the UI from the folder link page, and created a new setting for Admins to add a Bcc email address for all Egnyte generated emails.

Simple UI Improvements

We made several changes to the Web UI this weekend to improve its visual appeal and consistency with Egnyte’s other access points. This will ensure a smoother, more unified experience for users in the Web UI and across Egnyte’s platform.

New Menu Icons

Users will notice that the menu icons at the top right of the Web UI are different. Notably, the gear icon, through which the Settings and other pages were previously accessed, has been removed.

                     Old Menu Icons

In its place, we’ve added a “hamburger” icon (three lines). Account settings, reports, Egnyte apps and more can be found under the hamburger icon.

                     New Menu Icons

Additionally, bookmarks can now be viewed by clicking the star icon.

Menus Open on Click

The menu icons at the top right of the Web UI now open on click instead of on hover.

To access the Settings page, for example, you should first click the hamburger icon.

Then select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

New Mime Icons

Most the mime icons used in the Web UI have been changed to match those we already use on the Folder Links page.

Users will notice new folder icons, retina folder icons in the tree, and official mime icons for Microsoft Office and Google Doc files.

Access Full UI from Folder Link Page

Users will now see a link to the full Web UI on the folder link page if they have permissions to the folder. This link will act as a shortcut to that folder in the Web UI.

Users will see this shortcut on the folder link page in two cases:

  1. If the folder link is private (i.e. restricted to users in your account)
  2. If they are already logged into the Web UI for that account

Note that this shortcut into the Web UI will also work when browsing subfolders from the folder link page.

Option to BCC all Egnyte Emails

Some of our customers face compliance regulations that require them to archive all emails for auditing purposes. To address this use case, we now offer a setting that allows admins to specify an email address which will be blind copied on all Egnyte generated emails for their account (e.g. system emails, shared folder updates, links, user invitations, etc).

Admins can find this option on the Settings page in the Configuration tab under the “General” section. Note that only one email address can be listed here.


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