New Login Flow for Web UI

Posted on 9/5/2015

In this weekend’s release, we revamped the login page for Egnyte’s web interface. The new login flow will provide a smoother experience of accessing your Egnyte account.

The primary change in the new flow is that you will now be prompted to first enter your username or email address before continuing.

When you’ve inputted your username or email, you will then be prompted to enter your password.

Note that if you authenticate through Single Sign-on (SSO), you will be brought directly to the login page for your SSO provider at this point. Refer to the section below for more details.

Click “Log in” to proceed, and you will be taken into your Egnyte account.

If you sign out afterwards or your session expires, you will be brought back to the second step of the login flow, with your username or email already populated. On a given web browser, we will remember the username or email for 30 days.

Handling Failed Login Attempts

In the previous login flow, you were required to input your username/email and password on the same screen.

                                      Old Login Flow

By separating these steps, we can identify invalid usernames or emails immediately. If you enter an email or username that is not associated with your Egnyte account, you will see an error message on the first screen.

Now, upon a failed login, you will know which piece of your credentials — namely, your username/email or your password — is incorrect. We expect this will make it easier for you to handle failed login attempts.

Note that the “forgot password” link is now on the second screen. You must provide a valid username or email before you will see the option to reset your password. More details on resetting your password are available here.

Login Flow for Single Sign-On Providers

If you are authenticating through a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider, begin by entering your email address on the initial login screen.

You will see a message that Egnyte is authorizing the login with your SSO provider.

From here, you will be redirected to the appropriate page for your SSO provider and can continue to login as you normally do.

Minor Changes

  • The file server label for your account is now displayed prominently under your company’s logo. You can customize this label and more in your account’s settings under Configuration → Branding. Refer to this article for more details
  • You can customize the color of the band at the top of the login page by adjusting the “Home page header color” in the Branding section of your account’s settings.
  • The “Remember me” option is now called “Keep me logged in”, and has been moved to the second step of the login flow. If you check that box, you will no longer be asked for your password on that browser.
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