Enhanced Messages, Improved Preview-Only Links, and More

This weekend, we made a few changes to improve collaboration, ease of use, and security. We bolstered the messages section of the account, made preview-only links even more secure, and enabled users to delete files from the search results page.

Enhanced Messages Section

The Messages section is a good way for you to quickly see if anything important has happened in your Egnyte account. These messages are mostly administrative and capture events related to new users logging in, trash, audit reports, and more.

This weekend, we've expanded the scope of messages covered to include comments on files that you have uploaded. This makes the Messages section a more useful tool for collaboration.

We also added an option to “clear all messages” so that you can more easily focus on new updates.

More Secure Preview-Only Link

If a recipient of a preview-only link tries to print it from their browser, the printed page will now be blank instead of showing the first page of the document.

This enhancement ensures that you cannot access the content of a preview-only link outside of the preview.

Delete Files from Search Results

Users can now delete files directly from the search results page.

Note that permissions will still apply here, so only users with Full or Owner permissions to a file will be able to delete it from the search results page.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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