Sync Open Files with Desktop Sync 8.3.1!

Desktop Sync loyalists — the wait is over! We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Desktop Sync features support for syncing open files. The latest version also packs new right-click options for files and folders and a smoother upgrade flow.

Click here to upgrade to the latest version of Desktop Sync.

Sync Open Files

Desktop Sync will now sync files to the cloud as soon as they are modified, even if they are still open. Specifically, sync will take place whenever a file is manually saved (i.e., by clicking “save”).

Note that every save will push a new version of the file to the cloud.

We expect that open file syncing will significantly improve collaboration for our customers by ensuring that no document is ignored during sync.

New Right-Click Menu Options

Desktop Sync 8.3.1 includes a new right-click option to generate a share link based on your account’s default settings and to copy it to your clipboard. Note that the default link settings for your account can only be set by an administrator.

The Share and View in Cloud options have also been updated to take you directly into the Web UI.


The Share option now automatically logs users into the cloud and opens the sharing dialog there. From the cloud, you can change the settings of your link as needed before sharing it.

Previously, the Share option was handled through a custom Desktop Sync share link page. This shift ensures that all link-sharing enhancements made in the Web UI are immediately available to Desktop Sync users. In other words, your users have the same consistent experience, regardless of how they use Egnyte.

Copy Link:

A single click allows users to generate a link for a file or folder. The Copy Link option creates a share link based on the account’s default settings and copies it to the user’s clipboard. The user can then paste the link into their preferred communications platform (e.g., email, social media, chat messengers).

Note that this copied link is specifically designed to be copied into an email. If a user clicks Copy Link and pastes the link into the URL bar in a web browser, the line breaks are stripped from the URL by the browser. However, the link will still work as intended.

Users will only see this if your account’s default link settings require recipients to log in or enter a password. (In these cases, the links that are created from the Copy Link option will have multiple lines.)

View in Cloud:

This option can be used to log into the cloud and automatically preview a file. The View in Cloud option is useful for sharing content in situations where the recipient may not have the appropriate application installed (e.g., Photoshop). This option can also be used as a shortcut to the folder in the cloud.

Improved Upgrade Flow

Previously, the upgrade pop-up notification users would see in their local system required them to log into the cloud to download the updated version.

Now, the new version of Desktop Sync will immediately begin downloading when a user clicks “Upgrade” from the notification. We made this change so that upgrading to a new version of Desktop Sync is easier and faster.

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