Restore Folder Permissions from Trash

We’re excited to announce that administrators now have the option to preserve a folder’s original permissions when restoring it from the Trash. This feature will help admins quickly restore access to content in case of inadvertent folder deletions.

We’ve provided a brief summary of this feature below, but you can refer to this article for the full details.

Admins will now see a new dialog option to apply the original permissions when restoring a folder from the Trash. Choose “Yes, restore original permissions” to do this, or instead, let the restored folder inherit the destination parent folder’s permissions.

Note that original permissions cannot be restored for folders that were already in the Trash prior to this weekend’s release.

Keep Original Permissions for Move and Copy Operations

Admins will now see a similar option to preserve permissions when moving or copying a folder. Select “Keep source folder permissions” to retain the existing permissions.

Note that non-admin users will not see this option. The original folder’s permissions will automatically be preserved when a non-admin user moves or copies a folder.

We’ve also added the option to preserve original permissions when using the Advanced Folder Copy feature, making it a more effective tool for folder templating.

Logging into the Web UI after Session Timeout

If a user logs back into the Web UI after a session timeout, the user will be brought back to the same page they were on before the session timed out. This allows users to pick back up right where they left off.

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