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FAQs About the Migration Agent



Any user of the Migration App.


The Migration App depends on an Agent installed on a Windows machine running on your local network. This article documents a few common questions that come up about the Agent.

How Do I Find The Agent ID?

When you install the Cloud Migration Manager Agent (CMM Agent) on your Windows host, you need to enter the Agent ID to set up the handshake between your Agent and the system.

Generating A New Agent ID

From the Migration Dashboard, click Add New Agent.

Migration App_FAQ_4.png

This will open up an Installation Wizard. Follow the steps outlined on the Wizard. Once you enter a name for the Agent, click Generate Agent ID.

Migration App_FAQ_6.png

It will display the Agent ID that is unique to the Agent installed on the Windows host, which is associated with your Egnyte user. 

Migration App_FAQ_5.png

Finding the Agent ID on the Migration Dashboard

If you are also watching the Migration Dashboard, you'll see your agent Portugal now appears in the list of All Agents but is currently Disconnected.

Migration App_FAQ_7.png

Click on Portugal, and the details will display below. The Agent ID is also listed here.

Migration App_FAQ_3.png

Finding the Agent ID on the Migration Details Page

Finally, you can always view the Agent ID by going to the details page for a given Migration Job. It appears under Source Details in the right panel.

Migration App_FAQ_2.png

How Do I Keep The Cloud Migration Manager Agent Updated?

The Agent will auto-update to the latest version unless a Migration Job is currently running. The updater scans all Agents hourly to identify those that need to be updated. 

If you open your Migration Dashboard and see an error message that your Agent is out of date, you can manually update the Agent before continuing to work with existing Migration Jobs or creating a new one.

Migration App_FAQ_1.png

Updating The Agent

  1. First, be sure to manually stop or wait for any active Migration Jobs to finish. 
  2. Using the link provided in the message on your Migration Dashboard, click Update to initiate the update operation. This can take several minutes.
  3. After successfully updating, the CMM Agent will automatically reconnect to Migration Dashboard.

The Agent cannot be updated while any Migration Jobs are actively running. Wait for any jobs to complete, or manually stop them before attempting an update. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

How Do I Know What Version My Agent Is?

To confirm the Agent version, click on the Agent in the Migration Dashboard. The Agent Details will be displayed below.

Migration App_FAQ_3.png

Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

If you have feature requests or suggestions, feel free to submit them on our Product Board, and be sure to mention Migration App in the text.

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to support@egnyte.com. Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.

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