Egnyte App for Android 6.6

The latest release of Egnyte’s mobile app for Android packs some powerful new features, including the ability to mark a folder for auto-update, automatically sync files back to Egnyte after you’ve regained network connection, and an option for folder-based search.

Auto-Update Option

We’re excited to roll out the option to mark a folder for auto-update. Any folder you mark for auto-update will be automatically updated whenever the Egnyte app is opened.

Marking your most important folders for auto-update lets you ensure that your crucial files are always up to date, without constantly straining your available bandwidth.

Note that marking a folder for auto-update requires marking the entire folder for offline access. By extension, you cannot selectively unmark files for offline access in a folder that has been marked for auto-update.

When you mark a folder for offline access, it will be available in the OFFLINE tab even when you do not have network connectivity. However, you will need to update it manually via the Update or Update All options. Folders that have been marked for auto-update will also be available in the OFFLINE tab, but they will automatically update anytime you open the Egnyte app.

We’ve also added a couple new settings to determine the Egnyte app’s behavior when dealing with auto-updates. Importantly, you can set a bandwidth limit for auto-updates when you are on your cell network. If an auto-update that would exceed the bandwidth limit is about to kick in, you will see a dialog to confirm whether to proceed with the update or not.

Automatic Sync Back to Egnyte for Edits Made to Offline Files

Any edits you make to offline files (using a compatible third-party app) when you don’t have network connectivity will now automatically sync back to Egnyte once your connection is restored. This lets you work on the go without having to worry about manually pushing your changes back to the Egnyte mobile app.

Folder-Based Search

The new app also includes an option for folder-based search. After searching, you can filter the results to look through all files, your current folder only, or for a folder by name.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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