New Previewer, Share Links with Groups, and More

In this weekend’s release, we rolled out a new previewer for video and audio files, introduced the ability to share links with groups, and added a dialog to protect against accidental folder deletions. These changes will improve the experience of previewing and sharing content in Egnyte’s Web UI.

New previewer for audio and video files

Our Web UI is now using a new previewer for audio and video files. You’ll notice the new previewer in all areas of our standard UI, including the regular preview, Gallery View, and public file and folder link pages.

We introduced this new previewer to provide users a smoother, more consistent experience when previewing audio and video files. In particular, the new previewer has better support for Internet Explorer. However, all users will notice improvements such as better handling of very small or large videos (our old previewer sometimes distorted these).

Note that the new previewer does not support WMV files. This was previously supported only for users on Google Chrome who had Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in installed.

Share links with groups

Using Egnyte Groups in Egnyte is a great way to quickly assign permissions to multiple users at once. As part of this weekend’s release, we made groups even more useful.

When emailing a private link through Egnyte’s Web UI, users can now add a group as a recipient. The number of users in a group will be conveniently displayed alongside its name.

Note that adding a group in the Email Addresses field will actually blind copy (bcc) all group members as recipients when the email is sent. For this reason, only users with verified email addresses will be included as recipients on the email.

Here are some other details to keep in mind when emailing a link to a group:

  • Groups can only be added as recipients for private links.
  • Recipient-only private links will check that the person accessing the link belongs to the group every time the link is accessed. This helps protect your content especially when removing a user from a group; it will immediately make all links that were sent to that group inaccessible to that user.
  • The My Links report will capture groups in the Recipients field when viewing a link’s details.
  • Link receipt notifications will be sent on a per-user basis.

Confirmation dialog for folder deletions

When deleting a folder in the Web UI, users will now see a confirmation dialog before the folder is actually deleted. We expect that this dialog will help prevent accidental folder deletions.

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