File Info Dialog and More Frequent Notifications

In this weekend’s release, we rolled out a couple new features to help users monitor and share their files more easily.

File Info Dialog

Users can now access a file info dialog that captures a file’s basic metadata, download history, and includes a secured access link to a preview of the file. This dialog is accessible via the Details & History option in the file action menu or the preview screen (look for the info icon in the top-left corner of the screen).

Note that this option encompasses the Download History that was previously accessible through the file action menu.

The file info dialog captures basic file metadata like its name, size, the last modified date and more. Note that users can copy a file’s metadata directly from the dialog.

Combined with the download history, this dialog provides users a central location to find important information about a file.

The file info dialog also includes a link that will preview the file upon access and open its parent folder in the background. Just like a shared link, users can copy and paste this access link into an email, SMS, chat, and more.

However, please note that this link will only work for users within the Egnyte account who already have access to the file’s parent folder.

3 Minute Folder Notifications

Some of our customers requested the option to receive quicker updates on changes to shared folders. To address this, we’re introducing a new option when determining the frequency of folder notifications.

Admins can now choose to have shared folder notification emails sent every 3 minutes. This option will expedite collaboration and help users keep track of changes to their files in real-time.

Note that end users can set their own notification policies if admins allow them to override the default account settings. You can learn more about customizing folder notifications in this article.


  • The File Audit Report now includes an IP address field for all file actions.
  • The Public API now supports persistent ID based references to files and folders.
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