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Egnyte Drive 1.3

The new version of Egnyte Drive for Mac (1.3) packs some powerful new features, including a right-click menu for files and folders, email-based login, and support for SSO and two-step login verification (TSLV).

You can find the latest version of Egnyte Drive here

Right-click menu

Users will now see three options when right-clicking a file or folder from Egnyte Drive:

  • Share
  • Copy Link
  • View in Cloud

Share: Use this option to open the link-sharing dialog for a file or folder in the cloud. We added this option to ensure that any enhancements for sharing links in the Web UI are immediately available to Egnyte Drive users.

Copy Link: A single click allows users to generate a link for a file or folder. The Copy Link option creates a share link based on the account’s default link settings and copies it to the user’s clipboard. The user can then paste the link into a preferred communications platform (e.g., email, social media, chat messengers).

View in Cloud: Use this option to log into the cloud and automatically preview a file.The View in Cloud option is useful for sharing content in situations where the recipient may not have the appropriate application installed (e.g., Photoshop). This option can also be used as a shortcut to the folder in the cloud.

Email-based login

A user can now log into Egnyte Drive using only their email address and password. If a user enters a username instead of an email address, inputting the Egnyte domain name will also be required.

If there are multiple Egnyte accounts associated with the provided email address, the user will be able to select and add separate drives for each one in a single step.

Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)

The new version of Egnyte Drive now supports authentication via a Single Sign-On provider. Click “Other login options” to authenticate via SSO.

Note that SSO for Egnyte Drive only works with the native Mac Safari browser. Users who are logged in via SSO in a different browser may be prompted to log in again.

Support for Two-Step Login Verification (TSLV)

Users who have enabled TSLV will now be prompted to provide a second form of verification after authenticating with their login credentials. Previous versions of Egnyte Drive required users to disable TSLV before logging in was possible.

Known Limitations

  • The link from "Copy Link" is formatted for pasting into an email or text editor. Pasting the link into the URL address bar will remove the 'return' line and appear as one long string.
  • If Egnyte Drive fails SSO authentication after initial setup, you will need to remove and re-create the drive to authenticate.
  • TSLV is not supported on previous versions of Duo. Please contact customer support if you are running into this issue.
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