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Egnyte App for iPhone 6.0

Say hello to the new Egnyte App for iPhone! Our latest version includes the same powerful features with a complete redesign focused on a better user experience.

Major changes include a centralized view for all offline content, a new approach for file and folder actions, and a dynamic progress bar to monitor live uploads and downloads. Highlights of version 6.0 are covered in more detail below.

Update: Storage Connect is now supported in version 6.1 of the Egnyte app for iPhone. 

Centralized access to offline content

Any files that have been made available offline can be viewed here. The Offline tab is a centralized repository to enable quicker access when you are on the go, with low or no network connection. Note that you can download the latest versions of all offline files in a single click via the Update All option.

New approach to file and folder actions

File and folder actions (e.g. share link, mark offline, etc) can be quickly accessed via the file action panel. Simply click a file’s icon and choose an action from the panel on the right-hand side.

Dynamic progress bar for live downloads and uploads

The app will now display the progress of live downloads and uploads via a progress bar near the bottom of the interface. This will be useful when you want to monitor your upload/download progress while you work on other tasks in Egnyte.

Quick access to folder actions

Key actions like sharing a folder and adding new content are now easily available via the top menu. Users can share a folder link or set permissions through the Share option, or they can click + New to upload new or existing content.

Touch ID based passcode unlock

Users who have set a four digit passcode to unlock the Egnyte app can now optionally use their fingerprint as well. The new Touch ID option can be found in the Passcode Lock section of the App’s settings.


  • We made a few improvements to the upload experience:
    • The file picker used when uploading multiple files now displays a count of the number of selected files.
    • Users can rename files prior to uploading them into Egnyte.
    • If multiple files have been selected for upload, users can easily swipe between thumbnails of the files prior to the upload.
  • Image previewing has been optimized (images will load faster, zooming and pinching files is easier, etc).
  • Files and folders can now be renamed from the Egnyte app.
  • Users who are downloading version 6.0 of the app for the first time will see an interactive tutorial that covers the basic functionality of the app.
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