Redesigned Audit Reports, Enhanced Link Tracking and More

This weekend’s release features a major overhaul of Egnyte’s Audit Reports. We’ve been working on a new UI for the Reports page, and the Audit Reports are the first to benefit from this new design.

Account administrators will notice the first change upon arriving in the Reports section. We’ve introduced a new landing page that describes and links to the various Egnyte reports.

Click “Audit Reports” from here to jump to our new reports. The redesigned Audit Reports are focused on a richer, smoother report creation experience. In particular, we made the following improvements:

  • Groups can now be used for a report’s criteria
  • Administrators can search for users or groups when setting a report’s parameters
  • Subfolders can be included in a report’s parameters
  • Common date ranges (e.g., last 7 days, previous calendar month) can be chosen when setting a report’s parameters
  • The criteria used to generate a report will be displayed when viewing it afterwards
  • Usability enhancements around the report’s behavior when fields are left empty

We’ll also be making two big additions to the new Audit Reports in an upcoming release: the ability to save report criteria and schedule a recurring report. Stay tuned for more details.

Enhanced Link Visit Tracking

The My Links report just got even better. When viewing a link’s details from the My Links report, users can now see information about each particular link access.

Click the “Details” option next to the link’s view count to access this screen.

Here, users will see a list of people that accessed the link, the dates on which they accessed it, and their approximate locations when they accessed it.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when viewing these link access details:

  • Egnyte will only capture the “Viewer” field for private links
  • Link access information will only be available for link views that take place going forward; link accesses that occurred prior to this weekend’s release will not be reflected.

WebEdit Available from Search Results Page

Users can now edit a file directly from the search results page using WebEdit.

Previously, users had to return to a file’s parent folder in order to edit it. This change makes it easier for users to find and then immediately start editing a file in Egnyte.

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