Scheduling for Audit Reports has Arrived

Save or schedule audit reports

Many of our customers have asked for the ability to set up recurring audit reports. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that account administrators can now schedule and save audit report queries. A brief description of this feature is provided below; you can refer to this article for full details and instructions on saving or scheduling audit reports.

Note that Audit Reports are not available to all customers by default. Contact your account manager if you are interested in purchasing this feature.

We’ve added a new tab in the Audit Reports section that displays any report queries you’ve saved or set to run on a schedule. From this page, admins can view details on any saved and scheduled queries or directly create a new report query to be saved or scheduled.

Optionally, admins can also run a saved or scheduled report in an ad-hoc manner by clicking the settings icon on its right and selecting “Run Query Now”.

Notably, scheduled reports allow you to set the frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) as well as the time period for which the events should be analyzed (Last day, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Previous calendar Month). For example, you could create a weekly file audit report that covers the last 30 days of activity.

Remove inactive Storage Sync devices from Devices Dashboard

The Devices Dashboard in the Web UI captures all devices that are connected to your Egnyte account, including users' personal devices like phones or computers and storage devices like file servers. From here, you can easily view details on any specific device.

We added a new option to “Remove device”  in the Storage Sync device details page. Select this option and that specific Storage Sync device will be removed from the listing on the Devices Dashboard.

This setting will primarily be useful for admins who want to remove inactive Storage Sync devices from their Devices Dashboard listing (i.e. for cleanup purposes). Note that a removed Storage Sync device will return to the list if it syncs again.

Thumbnail support for PSD, PCT, and video files

PSD and PCT file formats will now have thumbnails in the file listing, will be included in the gallery view, and will be previewed using our image previewer.

Video files (WebM, MP4, MOV, WMV, and OGV) will now have thumbnails in the the file listing and will also be included in the gallery view.


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