Preventing Accidental Folder Moves and Deletes

For some of our customers, it’s important that end users are able to move or delete files as they see fit. At the same time, account administrators aren’t always comfortable giving their users the ability to move or delete entire folders, as this can sometimes lead to the accidental relocation or deletion of high-level folders.

This conflict presents a challenge for admins when setting permissions. Today, if you give a user Full permissions (read/write/delete) to a folder, that user will be able to move or delete any of the files and folders contained within — as well as the folder itself.

That’s why we’re introducing the concept of a “fixed” folder in this weekend’s release. Through a new setting in the Folder Options dialog, admins and folder owners can now fix a folder in place — thereby preventing users with Full permissions from moving, deleting or renaming it.

To find this setting, select a folder and click “Folder Options” from the file action menu.

Here, you’ll see the setting to fix the folder in place.

Turning this setting on enables admins to empower their users while simultaneously protecting against accidental deletions of important content. Note that when a folder is “fixed,” only admins and users with Owner permissions can move, delete or rename it.

Keep these details in mind when using this setting:

  • Egnyte supports four different levels of folder access: Owner (read/write/delete + permissions management), Full (read/write/delete), Editor (read/write), and Viewer (read-only). You can find more details on Egnyte’s permission levels here.
  • This setting is not enabled by default; admins or folder owners must enable this setting on a per-folder basis. Unlike some other Folder Option settings, this setting is not inherited by subfolders.
  • Marking a folder as “fixed” does not prevent a user with Full permissions from deleting files or subfolders within it.
  • Top-level folders are always fixed, meaning only admins and users with Owner permissions can move, delete or rename them. Previously, only admins could move, delete, or rename a top-level folder.
  • Users with at least Viewer permissions (Read-only) can now copy top-level folders. Previously, only admin users could copy top-level folders.


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