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Storage Sync 10.0.13 for NETGEAR 6

Pre-Requisite: NETGEAR firmware version 6.2 and higher is required. Storage Sync 10.0.13 upgrade will fail on NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware versions 6.1.x. 

The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

  • Version 9.1.4 → 10.0.13
  • Version 10.0.x → 10.0.13

All the qualification efforts have been done against Netgear firmware 6.2 and higher versions.

What’s new in Version 10.0.13

Enhanced CIFS share access performance on mapped network drive

Storage Sync for Netgear 10.0.13 vastly enhances the performance of local share access over a mapped network drive, specifically when the ReadyNAS device is registered with an Active Directory service. There have been several architectural improvements and optimizations in the way Storage Sync communicates with the Active Directory. These optimizations have significant positive effect when there are a large number of AD users accessing a Netgear ReadyNAS or when the AD has a large number of security groups.

Support for Netgear ReadyNAS firmware version 6.2 and higher

Storage Sync for Netgear 10.0.13 supports Netgear ReadyNAS firmware version 6.2 and higher. Prior to upgrading Storage Sync software 10.0.13, you must upgrade Netgear ReadyNAS firmware to version 6.2 or higher. If you inadvertently try to upgrade Storage Sync to 10.0.13 on ReadyNAS firmware 6.1.x, Storage Sync upgrade will silently fail even though the Netgear UI will indicate a successful software upgrade. Storage Sync will remain on the original version prior to the upgrade. You will have to upgrade the ReadyNAS firmware to 6.2.x before successfully upgrading to Storage Sync version 10.0.13.

Bug Fixes

Drag and drop of a folder containing a large number of files fails

When users try to copy a folder containing a large number of files into a local CIFS share, the copy operation fails and the Egnyte services have to be restarted in order to access the share. This occurs primarily on Netgear ReadyNAS hosting firmware 6.2 and above. The failure is caused by Samba services being unable to flush the contents of the process’ shared memory to disk. The problem has been fixed in Storage Sync 10.0.13.

Storage Sync deletes CIFS share when software upgrade fails on Netgear 6.1.9 firmware

10.0.12 verified if firmware version was 6.2. If the version is 6.1.9 or below, the install will not launch and the Netgear cleanup process removed all the data and configuration files associated with Egnyte application. 10.0.13 fixes this issue wherein a Storage Sync upgrade on 6.1.9 firmware will fail silently without deleting any files.

Storage Sync renames PDF files as temporary files

It has been observed that certain PDF files were getting renamed into temp files (e.g. aab033) when users edited such files on the CIFS share. The problem has been identified and fixed in this release.

Storage Sync displays internal folders like .conf when browsing the CIFS share

Storage Sync’s internal folders such as .conf, .logs were getting displayed under the Shared folder on Netgear firmware 6.2. This occurred only on the NAS device and not in the cloud. This can be attributed to the Samba package changes that occurred as a result of Netgear firmware upgrade. Such folders will no longer be displayed on the local CIFS share.

Power users can see folders under Shared even if they do not have permissions

After Netgear6 firmware is upgraded to 6.2, power users can see folders to which they have no browse permissions. They however could not access these folders. This problem has been fixed in this release.

Excessive logging to samba and journal consumes resources and renders mapped drive unusable

Due to Samba service’s increased log activity on the Netear 6.2 firmware, file access was considerably impacted on the CIFS share. We have now reduced the logging thereby increasing the CIFS share access performance.

Storage Sync intermittently fails to perform sync

We have identified a software error in our older Storage Sync versions that causes your local Storage Sync device to abort sync operation. This software error occurs under a certain condition where Storage Sync encounters a corrupted event file. Note that this corrupted event file does not result in a corrupted user file.

We have circumvented this issue in 10.0.13 by removing the corrupted event file thereby avoiding Sync from aborting. This will however result in a Full Sync in order to restore consistency between the local and cloud data stores.

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