More items per page and richer email picker

This weekend, we made some noticeable changes that will improve the overall user experience.

Default items per page increased to 100

Previously, Egnyte’s Web UI displayed 30 items per page by default. The new default value is now 100 items per page instead.

Note: A user can update the count from the preferences section within their personal profile.

Richer email picker for sharing dialog

We’ve made a number of improvements to the email picker shown in the link-sharing dialog:

  • As a user starts typing an email address, Egnyte will highlight records that match to the search string in the autocomplete dropdown.
  • Upon a unique match, the full name will be displayed, instead of the email address.
    • Note: For recipients outside the domain, users will still see their email addresses.
  • Double clicking on the name or email address (for external users) will let the user make edits.
  • Users can select multiple items, and delete or copy them to the clipboard.

These changes will make the experience of emailing links through Egnyte smoother. Enjoy!

And a few more things...

  • For our Active Directory integration, we optimized the process, so it takes one second or less to add a single user to a group through Egnyte’s ADKIT.
  • Multi-file downloads are now captured in the download history for those files.
  • We added more real estate to view content on mobile devices for the folder link page.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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