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Storage Connect enables direct access to files on-premises while all data sits behind the corporate firewall. Example use cases include situations where regulations prohibit storing files in the cloud or where IT wants to leverage on-premises storage infrastructure.

Storage Connect is a virtual appliance that can be deployed on VMware or Hyper-V servers and connected with network-attached storage (via CIFS) to create a private storage network, securely accessible by mobile devices without the need for a VPN.

Our latest Storage Connect release adds a few key features and addresses some open issues.

Send Folder Links

If you need to send a folder of documents to somebody who only needs to read the files, use a folder link. Select the folder you want to send and pick the “Send Folder Link” option from the action menu that appears on the right side of the screen.

The resulting dialog will ask you to specify who you want to send the link to, and also gives you the option to designate security controls. For example, you can restrict access to only those people who you specify in the “to:” field. 

Drag and Drop to Sub-Folders

Dragging and dropping is the easiest way to get files from your desktop into Storage Connect. You can now drag individual files or groups of files of any size into sub-folders which appear in the center pane of the Storage Connect UI.

Things We Fixed

  • Storage Connect now works with Active Directories with multiple sub-domains.
  • When a user attempts to switch to a file store on an unresponsive Storage Connect agent, an error message is shown informing the user that the file store is unreachable.
  • File sorting now works correctly when file names contain special characters.



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