Streamlined Sharing Experience and Folder Templates

This weekend, we’re excited to introduce a new, streamlined experience for sharing files and folders via links. We believe these changes will make it easier and faster to share files.

Simplified terminology

Previously, the sharing options when selecting a file or folder were displayed as Send Link or Send Folder Link. Since many of our customers copy links instead of sending them via email, we’ve simplified these options to Share and Share Folder Link.

Quicker sharing

When hovering over a file or folder, you will now see a large Share button. A folder’s Share button will let you choose between folder permissions and sharing a folder link.

Streamlined sharing dialog

When sharing files, most of our users don’t change the default link settings that were chosen by their account IT Administrators. With this mind, we have altered the sharing dialog to streamline the experience for sharing files.

The initial screen now summarizes your link’s default settings and offers you two main options: Copy Link or Email Link.


If you click Copy Link, the screen will change to show a link URL already selected. Choose Email Link, and you will be prompted to enter your recipient’s email address.

To adjust your link’s settings prior to sharing it, click Change Link Options. Here, you’ll find the same set of options that were previously listed under ADVANCED OPTIONS.

Notably, the terminology for private links has also changed. These options will now include the name of your Egnyte account to make it clear who will be able to access your link.

Folder Templates

Many of our customers — especially those in service industries — have projects that reuse a standardized folder structure. For these customers, recreating a “template” folder structure for a new project is a regular business process.

Our new Advanced Folder Copy feature will help customers deal with this use case more effectively. You can copy an entire folder hierarchy to another location, rename the copied folder, add a description, and even reset the folder’s permissions.

You can find the Advanced Folder Copy option in the footer of the normal copy dialog.

Note — your users will only see this option when copying a single folder. You can learn more about how to use Advanced Folder Copy here.

Preview Layout

The action menu you see when previewing a file will now appear in the top-right corner of the UI. This is a small change, but we believe it will make the options to download, share, edit, or view the file in full screen easier to find.

It’s the Small Things...

  • You can now share links to multiple files from the search results screen.
  • The folder search results page now includes folder descriptions.
  • Improved support for users who are using ad blocking extensions (like Adblock Plus and µBlock) with privacy and social blocking lists installed.
  • Domains with custom access URLs now display the access URL in email footers (instead of the <mydomain> address).
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